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  • Anonymous
    2 years, 11 months ago
    Be careful with this guy. He told me his name was Peters James Leonard. He claims to be of Italian descent and from the UK and lives in Chicago, Illinois. He speaks with broken English and is somewhat hard to understand. He will charm you with his wit and poetry and is very knowledgeable of the Bible. He will try to get money from you. At first, it might just be an Itune card and then it will escalate to funds for his daughter. He wants the funds sent to Nigeria. He will try to get your bank information and anything he can to get money. DO NOT SEND ABY MONEY TO HIM. He also uses the phone number 630-489-9130. Google this number and go to page 27 and read the longest post. It will explain a lot. He says he works for a major oil company as an engineer. DO NOT FALL INTO HIS TRAP.

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